Incheon office was established.
Factory was moved to 3NA-211 in the Shiwha Industrial Complex.
Factory was moved to 3MA-311 in the Shiwha Industrial Complex.
Acquired the certificate of the venture enterprise.
Acquired the certificate(INNO-BIZ) of the technology innovation small/medium enterprise.
Automation controlling circuit BUX BAR automatic assembler was developed.
Acquired a patent for the press TU frame conveyor.
Was designated as a military duty privileged enterprise.
Index driving ROBOT was developed.
Hydraulic press was designed and manufactured.
FRP forming hydraulic press computer tester was developed.
LOADER&UNLOADER was developed.
Was designated as a bright-futured small/medium enterprise by Korea Exchange Bank.
NC LEVEELER FEEDER was developed.
Was registered as a member of the Korea Trade Association.
Moosong Machinery Co., Ltd. was incorporated.
The factory was constructed at 75BL-9LT in the Nam-dong Industrial Complex.
Was registered as an affiliate of Samsung Electronic Co., Ltd.
SHUTTLE ROBOT was developed.
Moosong Machinery Company was established.